deliver vs LMTP for shared folders

Ken Murchison ken at
Fri May 13 10:00:17 EDT 2005

Scott Balmos wrote:

> Hi all,
> This is probably a bad subject line for the topic, but I can't think of 
> a better one. I've always heard, between here and on the Postfix list, 
> that delivering directly via LMTP to Cyrus is better than using the 
> deliver wrapper program. I was curious how much of a performance hit 
> there is by using deliver rather than LMTP directly? There's a method to 
> my madness.

I can't give you any quantitative number, but its just an extra, 
needless process.

> Anyway... The main problem is that I have found no way to get Postfix to 
> authenticate as an arbitary user over LMTP (e.g. to pull the username 
> from the user+folder address). I can set the Postfix LMTP client to 
> authenticate with SASL... But then Postfix requires a SASL password map, 
> which is impossible because the user account passwords are not stored 
> anywhere in cleartext.

Keep in mind that deliver is just a simple LMTP client, so anything that 
it does, *should* be possible in any MTA.  An admin can always proxy as 
another user as long as you use a SASL mechanism which supports it 
(PLAIN, DIGEST-MD5).  But, in deliver's case its using the optional 
AUTH=<authuser> keyword with the MAIL FROM command.  At least one of 
these methods should be supported by Postfix.

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