Sieve Rules based on mailbox given to "deliver"

John Lane listmail at
Tue May 17 13:37:32 EDT 2005


Is it possible to have a Sieve rule that matches against
the name of the mail box that was specified on the deliver
command ?

What I have is procmail doing certain core tasks such as
spam and virus checking, expanding tnef attachments, etc,
and Sieve for end users to specify their filing rules.

If procmail detects a spam or virus it calls deliver with
a specific mailbox as in

/usr/bin/deliver -r $SENDER -a $USER -m Spam $USER

If promail does not detect a spam or virus it calls deliver
without a mail box so the default inbox is used, as in

/usr/bin/deliver -r $SENDER -a $USER $USER

What I want is in the former case, to be able to detect the
mailbox (in the example above "INBOX.Spam") and to file in
that mailbox, regardless of later Sieve rules.

What is happening is a Sieve rule is firing on identified
spam and filing it in "good" mailboxes. I want to stop Sieve
if the specified destination mailbox is anything other than
the "INBOX".


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