Akshay Kumar akshay at
Mon May 16 15:10:44 EDT 2005

I was wondering if anyone here has had the same issues.

Currently I have Sendmail, Cyrus, Mimedefang, Spamassassin and Sieve
working. Now what I need to do is add procmail to the mix, possibly
replacing Sieve. There are very good reasons for doing this. Its critical
that I be able to run Spamassassin in user context.

Currently Mimedefang invokes Spamassassin but there is no way for
Spamassasin to modify the message, what it recieves is a copy. Now if I
could configure procmail as the delivery agent, I could have a global
.procmailrc which would then use a user .procmailrc and then hand the
email to Cyrus via lmtp or deliver.

This way users can have custom rules and setting for Spamassassin which is
absolutely essential for my setup and so far I have not found much about
this on the list. The standard reply usually is why dont you use
mimedefang to invoke spamc.

Thanks and Best,
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