Shared folders subdomain option?

Scott Balmos sbalmos at
Mon May 16 15:28:45 EDT 2005

Hi Ken & all,

This is an extension off my previous question last week, about replacing
deliver with straight LMTP. All of my shared folder posts come into
addresses of a separate subdomain from my regular user email (e.g. -> user email, -> shared folders).
This worked fine when using deliver, since I would have a Postfix
transport map entry that routed the mail to two different definitions of
the deliver command - one each for user folders and one for shared

Now, since I'm converting to LMTP, I need the ability to tell Cyrus that
all mail for a subdomain goes to shared folders, regardless of the
username. This is because I'm using the username part of the address for
access-control authorization. So I can't specify a normal postuser: option
in imapd.conf, since the username is always changing, depending on who's
doing the posting.

How hard is it, and whereabouts in the code would I look, to implement the
equivalent of postuser:, but for a subdomain? Or maybe just extend
postuser:'s processing (e.g. a postuser entry of means
all email of form whatever+shared.folder at goes to


--Scott Balmos

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