CyrusIMAP and Mac OSX

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Tue May 17 19:06:46 EDT 2005

Anyone on the list know how to configure IMAP to use mysql???

I've looked at a pam module but I couldn't build it with the provided  
instruction (what little there is) and there seems to be a lot of  
conjecture on how to do this.

I've been able to get sasl working nicely with mysql ( and  
postfix working nicely with mysql so virtual users who are mysql  
based can send e-mail outside the network and postfix recieves mail  
for them but I cannot seem to get authentication working so they can  
read the e-mail.

 From what I can tell IMAP is v2.2.12

dellc:/Volumes/BuildRoot root# telnet pop3
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Cyrus POP3 v2.2.12-OS X 10.4.0 server ready  
<2327412315.1116371102 at>
Connection closed by foreign host.
dellc:/Volumes/BuildRoot root#

I've been told adding the contents of smtpd.conf (prepending sasl_ to  
each entry) would work but this obviously doesn't unless I need to  
make some additional configuartions that I'm not aware of.

-- Dale
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