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Wed May 18 18:03:34 EDT 2005

On May 18, 2005, at 04:17 PM, Jules Agee wrote:

> websrvr wrote:
>> I'm very new to the list so I have no idea what has been previously
>> discussed, I did try to examine the list archives but  was   
>> unsuccessful
>> in finding anything that was helpful.
>> Does anyone on this list with Mac OSX knowledge/experience know  
>> how  to
>> get imap to authenticate users who are contain in a mysql database?
> Configure PAM to authenticate imap, sieve, pop, etc. to mysql  
> database.

How do I get pam to work with mysql, the pam_mysql project doesn't  
make on a Mac and no instructions on how to get it to build are  

> Configure saslauthd to use PAM
> Configure Cyrus to use saslauthd
> Some details can be found here:

Wow, nice instructions, unfortunately I can't use them because I'm on  
a Mac and anything 'rpm' related has no value and can't be used so  
this is useless to me.

Anyway, it appears that all of this software is already installed so  
unless something needs to be rebuilt, reinstalling it would be a  
waste of time.

> In particular, this setup forces Cyrus to use PLAIN client
> authentication. That means connections from users to Cyrus send
> passwords in plaintext over the wire unless you set up Cyrus to use  
> for client connections. Highly recommended.

At this time I could care less how the password is sent, other than  
suggestions on how to achieve this from people who don't use the OS  
or they cannot provide instructions that work in Mac OSX, offering a  
HowTo that utilize a process that does not work in Mac OSX when this  
is the intended OS/Platform says a lot about the responder.

The only problem I am having is getting cyrus-imap to authenticate  
users who are stored in a mysql databases, everyone claims this is a  
configuration issue but don't provide the information so I can do this.

Currently cyrus-sasl can authenticate users from mysql with the module so they can authenticate to send e-mail outside the  

Postfix works with mysql because e-mail can be received and stored  
for these users.

What they are unable to do is retrieve the e-mail to read because  
cyrus-imap wont authenticate them.

Any working solution would make me happy but I have yet to be offered  
anything that works.

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> Jules Agee

-- Dale
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