Running "ctl_mboxlist -m" on a running server

João Assad jfassad at
Thu May 19 08:37:20 EDT 2005

Etienne Goyer wrote:

> RHEL 4, kernel 2.4.21-27.0.4.ELsmp

I had many corruption problems with fedora , turns out there seems to be 
a bug in mmap. RHEL 4 might have the same mmap bug.
can you check your logs and see if you find any IOERROR stating that the 
mailbox file couldn't be mapped ?

>> You can delete the mailboxes.db and restart cyrus, then you can run 
>> ctl_mboxlist -m on the backends
> I would ... if it would'nt take a fews hour.  We have > 400K mailboxes 
> on two backends.

What I do here is temporarily configure cyrus to save the mailboxdb in 
/dev/shm , that makes the import much faster.

>> You could also recover the mailboxes.db getting it from the hot 
>> backup in the db.backup1/2 directories and then run ctl_mboxlist -m 
>> on the backends. That would work only if your hot backup isnt already 
>> corrupted
> The corruption would have happenned yesterday, and the backup are 
> rotated every five minutes ... :(
> Thanks for your input !
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