Problems with mupdate server.

João Assad jfassad at
Fri May 20 15:41:37 EDT 2005

Carol Tardif wrote:

> [...]
> Thanks for the explanation.
> So now that I know that my mailboxes.db can get corrupted what can I 
> do to
> get away from long downtimes?

edit your cyrus.conf and change the following option
  # this is required
  checkpoint cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -c" period=30

this is how often your cyrus makes a hot backup of your mailboxes db. 
Every "period" minutes, cyrus will make a copy to the db.backup 
directory, it always keeps 2 copies.

so if your db get corrupted again, you restore a healthy copy and then 
run ctl_mboxlist -m on the backends. The mailboxes created after the 
last hotbackup obviously will not work untill the sync is complete, on 
the other hand the sync will be much faster because since the master 
server have most of the mailboxes, it wont need to commit the db as 
often and will finish the sync considerably faster.

> Can I have a backup mupdate server?

I belive cyrus 2.3 supports that, but not 2.2 . Im just guessing here, I 
think someone mentioned that about cyrus 2.3 some time ago, but Im not 
sure. Check the list archinves.

> Can I backup my mupdate mailboxes.db so that when corruption occured, 
> I stop cyrus
> on mupdate then copy the backup mailboxes.db file then start again cyrus?
> If I can do that at least this can give me time to find out how 
> corruption happenned.

Yes, and cyrus can do that for you automatically as I explained above.

> Is there any doc to help me understand how mailbox info is keep 
> updated between
> frontend, mupdate and backend.

Humm, I use the following as reference

> This is the fisrt time that corruption happenned since we move from 
> berkeley to
> skiplist db. So I'm wondering what happened.

Im not really sure either. I had corruption problems in the past, but in 
my case it was caused by fedora's weird mmap behavior. You dont seem to 
have the same problem, as cyrus didnt give you the mmap IOERROR.



- João Assad
- ParPerfeito Comunicação LTDA

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