Fwd: (Silly flame war continues) Re: configure fails on Mac OS X 10.4

Rich Cook wealthychef at yahoo.com
Mon May 23 16:41:15 EDT 2005

Nice sentiments!   And great language!  Thanks!   You continue to live 
up to your image.

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> Date: May 23, 2005 12:01:48 AM PDT
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> Subject: Re: (Silly flame war continues) Re: configure fails on Mac OS 
> X 10.4
> On May 23, 2005, at 01:24 AM, Rich Cook wrote:
>> My evil plan is coming to fruition!  Your question will never be 
>> answered!  Ha-ha-ha!   You will never know the terrible secret:  why 
>> is Rich building Cyrus IMAP?  I can certainly see that without the 
>> answer to that, you could not be helpful at all!   But alas, now I am 
>> doomed, for you have unleashed your terrible weapon:  I will never 
>> know the answer to the eternal riddle:  What has Apple done with 
>> cyrus imap?  Your revenge is indeed terrible, oh mighty one!  It's an 
>> epic struggle.  But very entertaining!  Please continue!  I hope you 
>> will ask a million questions of me!  For I shall never answer any of 
>> them, because of my Vast Ignorance!  :-)
> No, your lack of intelligence has you confused, you have mistaken me 
> for someone who gives a shit about your problem.
> As a kind gesture I was attempting to offer assistance but had 
> questions.
> In my effort to assist you, you displayed a lack of respect and a lack 
> of courtesy.
> I now see no reason to be respectful or courteous towards you.
> Offer you information or assistance????
> You must be retarded, other than having a good laugh, I can assure you 
> I wouldn't waste my time offering you assistance if you were dyeing on 
> the side of the road and your life or death boiled down to me stopping 
> to help you, I'd be the one with a big smile as I drove past you.
>> Oh, my God!  What functionality will I be giving up?  Will I be able 
>> to breathe and eat, still?  Or is that another secret that you must 
>> know the answer to a Question before you will answer?  I know your 
>> game now, Oracle!  Speak!   What will I do without the answers to 
>> these burning questions?  I am so sorry now that I offended you by 
>> ignoring your Question!  You have complete mastery over me, now, 
>> demon!  But in the future, you will not be so lucky!   For I Shall 
>> Read My Email Without Your Help!  Ha!
>> Of course you continue with your strange theory as to why I missed 
>> your question.  Strange, strange, strange.   By the time I realized 
>> what your question was, it was clear you were a crazed man with a 
>> soul of black coal and a cloudy heart no bigger than a pea.   But as 
>> I said, luckily there were others on the list who sent me answers to 
>> my question, in a friendly and helpful way, within minutes of my 
>> first post.
>> Still, you Quest for an Answer to your critical Question is pretty 
>> fun to play with.  Thanks for letting me entertain myself.
> I'm the one having a laugh at you.
> As entertaining as you have been, I'm now bored of you.
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