MURDER : tuning for increasing load

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue May 24 11:42:44 EDT 2005

> John Madden wrote:
>>>I have to deal with increasing charge of by now 500 users that will grow
>>>up to 100 000.
>>>All mailboxes exist, for a 65Mb mailboxes.db on mupdate
>> Is murder even necessary for such a configuration?  Based on the numbers
>> on Cyrus'
>> pages, I assumed 200k accounts on one big, beefy box would be ok (and
>> management
>> more easily swallowed "4 CPU box with 8 GB RAM" than they did "lots of
>> little
>> boxes.")
> It depend.  If they make intensive use of SSL (POP3S and IMAPS), I guess
> they risk becoming CPU-bound, in which case it might be easier to split
> the load among multiple frontends.

The SSL problem could be solved with:
- hardware accelerated SSL on "the big box".
- imapproxies like perdition which terminate SSL running on quite simple
hardware in front of "the big box".


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