murder or not murder

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A few questions:

	How many accounts are you expecting???
	How many messages a day are you expecting???
	Are you planning on allowing quotas??? If so, how much space are you
going to give each user???
	Are you planning on running some sort of web mail app???

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I'm facing some design issue here :-)

I need to create some big nice mail architecture, which should be able to
grow nicely.
So, I have a big nfs nas, and, I have these "small" xeon 2.8 with 1G of ram.

I'll also need virtual domains.

So, I'm wondering, should I use a front-end/back-end murder or only a bunch
of imap servers with their spool on the nas, and imap/pop proxies to put
the connexions through.

Thanks for any advices :-)

Mathieu Arnold
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