64bit Cyrus?

Drew Smith (mux) drew at riotnrrd.com
Thu May 26 16:23:38 EDT 2005


Ok, the initial testing phase is over, we've got a beautiful postfix +
cyrus-imapd + sieve setup going on.  On to the next phase...

We bought a nice Dell machine to host the new services... turns out tho,
the new Xeon processors support 64bit.  In another department, we're
testing out the rest of our services on Opteron machines running Fedora
Core 4 test3 for x86-64.

Has anyone got any experience with a native 64bit Cyrus?  Is there such
a beast in existence, and if so, how great is it?  If we've got the
ability, it's worth looking into... :)

- Drew.

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