feedback on cyrus patch for stripping nuls

John Fawcett johnml at
Sat May 28 07:17:57 EDT 2005

I've had some feedback about the patch I
wrote for cyrus to strip nul characters
from messages.

with the feature enabled (rejectnul: no in imapd.conf)
the patch can produce the following error under some
circumstances (logged by MTA):

451 4.3.0 System I/O error

I will be taking a look at updating the patch.
But I just wanted to give a warning to anyone
who was actually using it. I would actually
recommend to back it out until this problem is
resolved, since you will get mail deferred by
postfix when this happens.

On a further note, I have also produced a patch
for postfix (the nul character problem has
most often been encountered in setups which
use postfix and cyrus).

I've been running the postfix patch for a few weeks
without any issues. This could be a better
alternative to using the cyrus patch, since it
can allow messages with nuls to be rejected by
the MTA.


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