sieveshell -u <user> does not show scripts of <user>

Gerard Kok g.kok at
Tue May 31 08:57:24 EDT 2005


I am trying to use timsieved to manage my users' sieve scripts, instead 
of putting the scripts as .sieve in the users' homedirectories. Most 
users are using some filtering built in in their e-mail client, and the 
few who don't use sieve. With our current setup almost all sieve users 
have delegated the administration of their scripts to me, and I was 
hoping to transfer this administration back to the user by enabling 
timsieved. Nevertheless, I will be administering some scripts for some 
time after enabling timsieved, so I must be able to manage other users' 
scripts through timsieved.
   Our mailserver is running Cyrus imap 2.2.8 on linux, and the 
administrative user is 'cyrus'. I was thinking that:
   sieveshell -u <user> -a cyrus localhost
(on the mailserver, using the password of cyrus) would give me access to 
the scripts of <user>, but it gives access to cyrus' scripts, even when 
<user> is a user that can receive mail, and log in to timesieved using 
his/her own password. What is the correct way to get administrative 
access to the scripts of <user>?
   If there is no way the get administrative access through sieveshell, 
is there some other way to administer other people's scripts without 
knowing their passwords? Is it possible to maintain the scripts 'by 
hand' (I mean, just edit them in /var/lib/sieve, compile them, and 
correctly set the defaultbc link), or is this asking for trouble?

Thanks for your time, kind regards,

Gerard Kok
Network administrator
Software Improvement Group
The Netherlands

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