EMBARRASSING TO THE LIST: Re: *WARNING* Your EmailAccount Will Be Closed

Jeffrey T Eaton jeaton at cmu.edu
Tue May 31 19:38:23 EDT 2005

Here is the somewhat "official" answer on the state of the mailing

1.  The list is not now, nor ever has been, open-posting.  Posting is
restricted to subscribers, or to those users local to cmu.edu.  The
spam posts that make it through the to the list do so because they are
sent with forged From addresses from list members or cmu.edu addresses.

2.  The list is virus scanned.  We run ClamAV called from sendmail
before any list processing is done.  Messages which fail the virus
test are rejected with an SMTP error at the time of submission.  The
messages which started this thread made it through to the list because
ClamAV did not yet have a signature for this particular variant.  No
antivirus solution is perfect, and messages will make it through.

3.  We're going to be moving off of the current Majordomo server to a
new GNU Mailman based server in the near future.  No further
development is planned for the current service for this reason.


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