Listing common user's ACLs from the admin's point of view (perl or PHP)

LaurentG laurent.l.gauthier at
Mon Mar 7 07:04:23 EST 2005

Paul Dekkers a écrit :

> Hello Laurent,
> LaurentG wrote:
>> In order to manage common users status changes (indicated by the 
>> update of the LDAP directory) I'd need to enumerate all the granted 
>> ACLs my common user owns.
>> As an admin, I don't have his password, so can't connect as his 
>> identity but need to list all ACLs he owns (except his own mailbox 
>> ones). One solution, not the best (I'd rather), is to parse the 
>> entire spool with a 'listaclmailbox' and delete any matching ACL, 
>> except on his own mailbox.
>> But  searching more efficient way, such as the imap 
>> 'getmailboxes'under the common user's identity.
>> The admins tools are being  writen  in perl an PHP, so the solution 
>> can be in either language.
>> Thanks for help, or ideas.
> I have no idea to implement this at the moment, but reading this made 
> me interested in this as well.
> Have you found anything that does this job?
> (Can't you just parse the mailboxes file, since all ACLs are in there, 
> and check the diffs or something? With a proper regex/grep you can 
> leave out the user's own inbox, and grep for his rights on other 
> folders. So maybe I have an idea after all ;-))
> Paul
Hi Paul,
That's just what I'm about to write, but I'd rather a more efficient way 
than parsing the entire folders tree for each user that moves.

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