cyradm not work from remote machine

Andrew B. PAnphiloff andrew at
Tue Mar 1 06:33:47 EST 2005

The problem solved, cyrus don't resolve incoming interface if 
virtdomains set to userid.


Andrew B. PAnphiloff wrote:

> When I try use cyradm from localhost all works fine.
> I type "cyradm --user=cyrus localhost" and can list/create/delete 
> mailboxes,
> but when I change localhost to domain.tld works only authentication, I 
> can't
> even list mailboxes!
> from man imapd.conf:
>       virtdomains: off
>            Enable  virtual  domain  support.   If enabled, the user's 
> domain will be determined by splitting a fully qualified userid at the
>            last '@' or '%' symbol.  If the userid is unqualified, and 
> the virtdomains option is set to "on", then the domain will be  deter-
>            mined  by  doing a reverse lookup on the IP address of the 
> incoming network interface, otherwise the user is assumed to be in the
>            default domain (if set).
> So, if I write to /etc/hosts:
>   localhost
> <my ip>     localhost
> cyradm works fine, but I don't want resolve my ip address as localhost :)
> How can I change this behaviour of cyrus ?

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