stuck vacation ghost message

Oliver Sommer o.sommer at
Wed Mar 2 07:38:44 EST 2005

Dear List,

cyrus-imapd is the mail system I've been using successfully over the 
last years but now I have a strange problem I cannot track down. 
Probably it's a bug but I have no clue on where to start searching for 
it. We use cyrus together with ("ogo"). using a nice 
web interface you can manage sieve stuff using ogo. the ogo server 
connects the mail server using the sieve port, hence I consider it a 
normal sieve client app.

Now to my problem: it's about sieve and vacation. One of our users had 
used an out-of-office notification. After the removal of the 
notification everything seemed to be okay, but actually it wasn't:

every now and then a user who is sending a mail to that specific account 
gets his old vacation message. Many times we tried to get rid of it. I 
scanned all the folders in the /var/sieve directory. we installed a new 
vacation note and removed them - like everything you can do except for 
reinstalling the mail server - with no luck at all. And it's not easy to 
debug, because it doesn't send the vacation notice every time. just 
sometimes. then it's gone for weeks, then it suddenly shows up - with 
the old text.

If anybody could give me a hint or something so look after - I would be 
glad. this thing drives me totally crazy. I wonder: where is the 
vacation notice actually stored if not in /var/sieve?

any help: totally appreciated.

regards, Oliver Sommer
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