Copy mbox to Cyrus, user account

Craig White craigwhite at
Sat Mar 5 15:18:52 EST 2005

On Sat, 2005-03-05 at 13:46 -0500, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> Here's what I ended up doing (for those that run into this situation):
> 1 - Gave myself full rights to the user's mailbox
> 2 - Created a folder "Archive" on her mailbox (Cyrus)
> 3 - Took the mbox files locally (on my home system) where I'm still 
> using mbox-formatted IMAP folders
> 4 - Once the Shared Folders were acknowledged in the IMAP view, I 
> created more folders under "Archive"
> 5 - Open the local holders, highlight, drag-and-drop to the new system.
> Took some time, but it worked.
for 1 user - this may be effective - of course the user could do it
themselves if the servers were on different machines or you could
somehow get 2 servers (one cyrus - one mbox type server) running on
different port numbers.

Andrew Morgan has some migration scripts for this linked on the cyrus-
imap web site and it took a little bit of hacking for me to make it work
but it was definitely worth it.


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