cvt_cyrusdb flat to skiplist fails

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Thu Mar 3 06:00:19 EST 2005

I have a strange behaviour here:

annotations.db is in the skiplist format.
Now cvt_cyrusdb seems to fail a simple back and forth conversion test
to flat and back. How can that be?

cvt_cyrusdb /tmp/annotations.db skiplist /tmp/x flat
Converting from /tmp/annotations.db (skiplist) to /tmp/x (flat)

Converting from /tmp/x (flat) to /tmp/y (skiplist)
Warning: apparently empty database converted.

Inspection with an editor shows that 
annotaions.db and x contain entries and y does not.

Is this a bug?

Background: I tried to test
from for a recovery situation.
It produces a great flat file, but cvt_cyrusdb does not grok it.


ps.: Please send me a copy of relevant replies.

name       : Cyrus IMAPD
version    : v2.2.8 2004/07/29 15:44:37
vendor     : Project Cyrus
os         : Linux
os-version : 2.6.6
environment: Built w/Cyrus SASL 2.1.19
             Running w/Cyrus SASL 2.1.19
             Built w/Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.2.52:
(December  3, 2003)             Running w/Sleepycat Software:
Berkeley DB 4.2.52: (December  3, 2003)
             Built w/OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004
             Running w/OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004
             CMU Sieve 2.2
             mmap = shared
             lock = fcntl
             nonblock = fcntl
             auth = unix
             idle = poll

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