[Annotatemore] /motd

kael kael at alussinan.org
Tue Mar 8 09:26:36 EST 2005


I'm trying to manage the ANNOTATEMORE /motd as 'cyrus' user but the 
server returns 'permission denied':

02 SETANNOTATION "INBOX" "/motd" ("value.shared" "Its sunny outside!")
02 NO Permission denied
03 SETANNOTATION "/" "/motd" ("value.shared" "Hello")
03 NO Permission denied

There may be a tip (maybe with ACL) but I don't get it.

I'm wondering also if the ANNOTATEMORE /motd is displayed in the same 
way as the configdirectory/msg/motd (mentioned in _Managing IMAP_, p. 119).

"If the configdirectory/msg/motd exists under the config directory, 
imapd sends the first line in the file to the client as an ALERT message 
when a connection is made. Many clients handle ALERTs poorly (by 
connecting more frequently than is necessary and thus displaying the 
alert for each connection and annoying user) or not at all".

Thunderbird supports this MOTD poorly as described above - the ALERT is 
sent each time a mailbox is opened and it is very annoying.

But Thunderbird supports it. So I believe it could display the 
ANNOTATEMORE /motd, maybe differenlty from configdirectory/msg/motd.

Has anybody experimented this annotation ?

Thanks for your contribution.

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