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Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Fri Mar 11 12:14:03 EST 2005

kael wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to manage the ANNOTATEMORE /motd as 'cyrus' user but the 
> server returns 'permission denied':
> 02 SETANNOTATION "INBOX" "/motd" ("value.shared" "Its sunny outside!")
> 02 NO Permission denied
> 03 SETANNOTATION "/" "/motd" ("value.shared" "Hello")
> 03 NO Permission denied
> There may be a tip (maybe with ACL) but I don't get it.

/motd is a server annotation, not a mailbox annotation:

02 SETANNOTATION "" "/motd" ("value.shared" "Its sunny outside!")

> I'm wondering also if the ANNOTATEMORE /motd is displayed in the same 
> way as the configdirectory/msg/motd (mentioned in _Managing IMAP_, p. 119).

Yes, its the same.  This particular annotation just reads/writes to 

> <excerpt>
> "If the configdirectory/msg/motd exists under the config directory, 
> imapd sends the first line in the file to the client as an ALERT message 
> when a connection is made. Many clients handle ALERTs poorly (by 
> connecting more frequently than is necessary and thus displaying the 
> alert for each connection and annoying user) or not at all".
> </excerpt>
> Thunderbird supports this MOTD poorly as described above - the ALERT is 
> sent each time a mailbox is opened and it is very annoying.
> But Thunderbird supports it. So I believe it could display the 
> ANNOTATEMORE /motd, maybe differenlty from configdirectory/msg/motd.
> Has anybody experimented this annotation ?
> Thanks for your contribution.

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