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Ken Murchison ken at
Sat Mar 12 17:21:00 EST 2005

kael wrote:

> Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
>> On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, kael wrote:
>>> I'm also interested with this question; specially, I don't clearly 
>>> understand what the -U and -T options infer.
>> -U n  means the service will die after it services n connections.
>> -T n  means the service will die after waiting n seconds for a connection
>>       (i.e. without any work to do).
> Thank you very much for this precision.
>>> In /etc/cyrus.conf, I added in the SERVICES section:
>>> nntp          cmd="nntpd -U 500 -T 600 -f " listen="nntp" prefork=5
>> If you want it to run 24/7, drop the -U and -T.  And don't prefork 5 of
>> them if you want just one of them active.
> I dropped the -U and -T options and managed /etc/cyrus.conf with:
> nntp          cmd="nntpd -f" listen="nntp" prefork=1
> ... and then:
> nntp          cmd="nntpd -f" listen="nntp" prefork=3
> ... but unsuccessfully.
> I tried several times, also with different -U and -T values but again 
> nntpd stopped after few minutes.
> I missed something and don't know what.

Do you mean that no nntpd processes are running?  Have you checked the 
syslog output to see if there are any errors reported?

Keep in mind that the -f option to nntpd only allows articles to be fed 
via the IHAVE command.  A newsreading client will not be able to read 
articles.  If you're trying to read and feed on port 119, then remove 
the -f option.

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