Modifying reply-to header of NNTP public folder posts?

Scott Balmos sbalmos at
Tue Mar 15 17:16:02 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was any way for Cyrus 2.2 to modify the Reply-To
header for messages posted through its NNTP daemon to public folders? For
messages sent as regular emails (which is processed through Postfix before
being sent to Cyrus), I'm able to do this.

What I'm trying to achieve is something like a forced reply-to-list
address for a mailing list. I want to force a message sent to a public
folder to have a reply-to address of that folder's submission address,
*not* the address of the person who sent the original message. These
public folders are for discussion-type groups, where messages should post
back to the discussion, not like a shared tech support folder where one
person picks up the message and replies to the person privately.

The scenario is so I'm covering people who are reading messages via an
IMAP client in the public folder, which were posted through NNTP. See

User A posts a message to the public folder through NNTP
User B reads that message via an IMAP client. They want to reply to the
User B hits Reply in their email client. Normally, this would use the
Reply-To header, which is set to User A's email address. I want this to be
set to the email submission address of the public folder.

Ideas? Thanks!

--Scott Balmos

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