Cyrus Data Loss / Cache corruption after

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Thu Mar 17 14:18:20 EST 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Gregory Harris wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> Thanks for the tip!  Much appreciated.  Just out of curiosity, you have a 
> fairly large userbase over there at oregon state (I used some of your 
> migration scripts--Thanks!!), have you run into any data loss like this 
> before with entire folders or several messages just getting mysteriously 
> deleted?  What version do you run over there?

Nope, things have been solid over here.  I haven't run into a situation 
like yours though, so I can't say what cyrus would do.  However, I have 
killed imapd processes by hand (to clear out ones that occasionally hang 
holding a lock), and so far there have been no bad consequences.  I'm 
running 2.1.16 right now.

We also have nightly backups, so we can recover (more or less) from losing 
a folder.

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