Can't use cyrus deliver with mboxes containing a '@'

Jean-Michel besnard besnard at
Sat Mar 19 12:01:44 EST 2005


My usernames are such as user at domain.tld
When I try to deliver (using the cyrus deliver) I am getting that the mailbox
does not exist:

cyrdeliver  -a john at domain.tld -m user/john at domain.tld
+user/john at domain.tld: Mailbox does not exist

in cyradm for that user I have:
user/john at domain.tld (\HasNoChildren)

I have tried every possible combinations of usernames containing or not '@' and
'.' and I can simply tell that whenever there is a '@' I do get that the given
error. Other naming schemes (e.h user, user.domain.tld, etc) work fine.
Escaping the @ with '\' does not help either.

Useful info:
 - cyrus-imapd: 2.1.13
 - unixhierarchysep: yes
 - For some reasons, I want to use the cyrus deliver

Any idea ?


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