Cyrus/OpenLDAP Administration & SQL

Jared Watkins jared at
Tue Mar 22 12:31:20 EST 2005

jon johnston wrote:

>I'm very new to Cyrus. 
>I am looking for a method by which someone with no linux skills can
>manage user accounts in Cyrus, and preferably, OpenLDAP simultaneously.
>Any input here is greatly appreciated. 
I have an admin tool in progress that does exactly that...   I've gotten 
stalled with it lately as my company is switching from Iplanet ldap to 
active directory... but I've tested it with openldap in the past.  It's 
in CVS right now... and the docs are not complete...  once it's 
configured though it's pretty easy to use.  The helpdesk and other 
admins where I work use it to manage about 2500 accounts.

You can see some screen shots of it here...

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