Cyrus not using saslauthd

Andrew Brink abrink at
Tue Mar 22 10:32:53 EST 2005

For some reason my cyrus setup has stopped working.

I have a simple LDAP setup using saslauthd.  I know the saslauthd +ldap works, as I can auth using testsaslauthd.  Also running saslauthd -a ldap -d show the testsaslauthd hitting sasluthd.

However, Cyrus is not hitting saslauthd for some reason.  I try to auth, and nothing shows up when doing saslauthd -a ldap -d

Below is my /etc/imapd.conf 

configdirectory: /var/imap
partition-default: /var/spool/imap
admins: cyrus
srvtab: /var/imap/srvtab
allowanonymouslogin: no
duplicatesuppression: no
annotation-db: skiplist
mboxlist-db: skiplist
seenstate_db: flat
plaintextlogins: yes
sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd

Does anyone have any ideas or any other troubleshooting steps I can take to resolve this?

Thanks a bunch.

Andrew Brink, CCNA, WCSP
Network Operations
NetStandard, Inc.

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