sieve rule needed

Scott Balmos sbalmos at
Thu Mar 24 21:38:53 EST 2005

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Marc G. Fournier wrote:

>> Sorry, figured that everyone else was probably getting this too, 
>> since it seems to be 'standard spam' nowadays :(
>> garbage == those messages whose subjects are all "non-ASCII" 
>> characters ...
> Just off the top of my head (its been so long since I wrote the regex 
> draft I'm not sure I remember the syntax):
> # the subject consists of nothing but non-printable characters
> if header :regex  :comparator "i;octet" "subject" "^[^[:print:]]+$" {
>   discard;
> }

That *looks* like it'd be it. I would've said something along the same 
lines, but I couldn't remember what the appropriate regex magic 
incantation and wand-waving was.


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