avelsieve on Squirrelmail not accepting more than 46 filters

Eric Wagar eric at deadhookers.org
Thu Mar 24 12:41:50 EST 2005

While using avelsieve 1.0.1 with Cyrus 2.1.14, and Squirrelmail 1.4.4.  I am 
running into a problem when trying to add more than 46 filters.

The error I receive is:

*Server-Side Mail Filtering - Error Encountered*
*Error Encountered*

Server responded with:
NO "Did not specify script data"
Please contact your administrator

How can I get around this so I can have more than 46 filters?

I see that there is some hits on Cyrus Sieve (for D not specify script data.) 
on google.  My post to the Squirrelmail plugins list has not returned any 

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