how to enable/disable pop/imap on a per-user basis

Ulrich Stärk uli at
Sat Mar 26 09:42:04 EST 2005

Hi list,

I want to enable/disable the user's capability to access his email on a
per-user basis. My setup uses auxprop and the sql auxprop plugin to
authenticate users against a mysql database. right now I need 3 config
files to achieve this: /etc/imapd.conf, /etc/pop3d.conf and
Those three just differ in the select query used to retrieve a user from
the mysql table. /etc/imapd.conf checks for imap_access=1, pop3d.conf for
pop3_access=1 and imapd-localhost.conf doesn't check anything except
username and password for the instance using this file only listens on the
loopback interface. I therefore have 3 almost identical config files which
differ in just one little line but all 3 of them have to be kept
up-to-date adding to the overall administrative work. I want to reduce
this to one file but I don't see how. Is this possible at all or is my
setup the only way to achieve the desired behaviour?



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