folders created with cyradm not deletable by cyradm

Earl R Shannon ershanno at
Wed Mar 30 16:11:00 EST 2005


I think you are getting caught on two things.

The IMAP protocol itself has this concept of  an "inbox".
In cyrus, the user's inbox folder name is usually user.<username>,
where <username> is replaced with the id of the person logging in.

Second, anyone, including the admin user, must be granted explicit
rights to delete a folder. This minimizes mistakes/accidents.

Earl Shannon

Stefan Schlörholz wrote:
> Hi there,
> Again I rely on you. In cyradm I created a mailbox to solve another 
> problem (posted before and not yet solved: bringing back the special 
> mailboxes).
> I logged in to cyradm as cyrus. I created the folders user.hans.INBOX, 
> user.hans.INBOX.Sent and user.hans.INBOX.Drafts.
> Since this did help with my problem of missing special folders I want to 
> delete them again e.g. using "dm user.hans.INBOX.Sent". cyradm sais 
> "Permission denied". When logging in as user hans and doing a "dm 
> INBOX.Drafts" I get "Invalid mailbox name". This also is the case when 
> trying to access/delete this folders by a client (KMail).
> Doing a "dm INBOX" as user hans I get "Operation is not supported on 
> mailbox". A "lm" as user hans gives me (beside others) two INBOX 
> folders
> INBOX (\HasChildren) and
> INBOX (\Noinferiors)
> INBOX.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
> INBOX.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
> Can anybody help in order to get rid of those folders?
> Best regards
> Stefan
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