krb.equiv not working

Giri Raichur gzzr at
Wed Mar 30 17:30:40 EST 2005

Hello list,

I am trying to use krb.equiv to map kerberos principal names to mailbox
names when the names are not the same.

105375 at has a valid kerberos ticket and 
I have an entry 105375 at mapping to gzzr in krb.equiv but I see
the following in the logs:
Mar 30 11:10:12 pobox1663 imap[29501]: badlogin:
[] GSSAPI [SASL(-13): authentication failure: user 105375
is not allowed to proxy

saslauthd is using pam for authentication.

GSSAPI works fine for users not in krb.equiv.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.


Giri Raichur

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