Can lmtpproxyd use a slave mupdate on a frontend or it realy need to talk to the mupdate master ???

Daniel Renaud daniel at
Thu Mar 31 06:32:05 EST 2005


We have a problem with our mupdate master ... it get over load with 
lmtpproxyd query from our frontend and stop serving.  Can a lmtpproxyd 
use the mupdate slave on his frontend to get his information or it realy 
need to talk to the master mupdate ?

If lmptproxyd can use the slave on the frontend, we will need to change 
the directive "mupdate_server" in imapd.conf to point it to localhost 
but where do we  add the master ip information to let the slave sync 
with the master ?


Daniel Renaud
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