integrating sendmail and cyrus realtime - supported with sendmail without Andrzej's patched cyrus m4 files?

Carl Brewer carl at
Wed Jun 22 21:38:17 EDT 2005

Andrzej Adam Filip wrote:
> Carl Brewer wrote:
>> I'm just wondering if anyone on this list knows if there's any
>> "official" support for cyrus realtime integration into sendmail?
>> I've been using Andrzej's patched cyrusv2.m4 files for some time
>> and they work well, are they going to get rolled into
>> sendmail proper at some point?  Has that already happened
>> and I just haven't noticed?!
> There a few things (3) I would like to do at Cyrus-IMAP side before 
> "final freeze" of the integration recipes:
> A) "explanation strings" provided with TEMP/PERM replies are not 
> available in Cyrus-IMAP uses such replies to signalize 
> "over quota" situation. It is sendmail fault/deficiency but it may be 
> easier (faster) to fix in cyrus-imap (smmapd.c).
> So far smampd ignores map name provided in the queries. It may generate 
> different format of replies based on "map name"
> e.g.
> map="cyrus"   key="xxx" => already existing format
> map="cyrusv3" key="xxx" =>
>    NOMATCH  : mailbox does not exist
>    OK:xxx : mailbox exists and it is ready to accept message
>    ERROR:D.S.N:4???/5?? text - mailbox exist but unavailable
>                                (e.g. over quota)
> B) it would simplify sendmail configuration if cyrus-imap could provide 
> list of all configured virtual domains and default domain

Yes, that would be pretty good!  I have a few sites with
3-5 virtual domains, and I have to maintain them in far
too many files.

What would also be good would be a way to map one-to-many
addresses in cyrus with virtual domains, rather than
having to map them to an /etc/aliases entry that then
expands them out (which is a really clunky hack).  I
don't think that's necessarily relevant to your work
though.  Just a wishlist item :)  Postfixes' virtual
file does this sensibly, sendmail's virtusertable
is too limiting.

> P.S. Only "A" is necessary before making it official but I am sufferer 
> of "over optimalization" syndrome :-)

If you're ever in Australia, I owe you beer and pizza!

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