Disable creation of hardlinks in message store

Simon Matter simon.matter at ch.sauter-bc.com
Fri Jun 3 05:26:07 EDT 2005

> Simon Matter wrote:
>>>Simon Matter wrote:
>>>>>I've tried to get rid of hardlinked files in our cyrus spools to make
>>>>>partial mailbox restores easier and more safe. My first idea was to
>>>>> set
>>>>>"singleinstancestore: no" in imapd.conf and make all payload files
>>>>>independant from each other. Unfortunately I realized later that while
>>>>>incoming messages are stored in independant files, the IMAP COPY
>>>>> command
>>>>>still creates hardlinked message files. Of course there is nothing
>>>>> wrong
>>>>>with singleinstancestore because the manpage clearly states that only
>>>>>delivery via lmtp/nntp is affected.
>>>>>I have now looked at the code and found that mailbox_copyfile() has a
>>>>>nolink parameter which controls the copy/link behaviour. My idea was
>>>>> to
>>>>>create a new config option to disable hardlinks completely.
>>>>>My questions:
>>>>>- is such an option a very bad idea?
>>>>>- does such a patch already exist somewhere?
>>>>>- what's the best name of a new config option?
>>>>>- is there a chance to have such a patch accepted into the
>>>>> distribution?
>>>>I'd like to include the following patch into my cyrus-imapd rpm
>>>> packages
>>>>to address the issue mentioned above. While testing it on a test box it
>>>>seemed to work very well. Do the cyrus developers see any possible
>>>>with it?
>>>Actually, your patch affects ALL mailbox_copyfile(), which means that
>>>messages won't even be hardlinked from the stage./ to the destination
>>>mailbox.  I don't think we want to do this, since this will hurt
>>>performance for all messages deliveries (even single recipient
>>> messages).
>> That's why I was asking whether it's a good idea. IIRC
>> mailbox_copyfile()
>> is also used to handle other files, not only message files. So my
>> solution
>> was a dirty hack.
>>>IMO, singleinstancestore *should* also govern IMAP COPY (does anyone
>> That's what I expected first but found that it's only implemented for
>> incoming messages for unknown reason. Your proposed solution looks like
>> the way to go.
> Committed.

Thanks, works perfect here.

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