EMBARRASSING TO THE LIST: Re: *WARNING* Your EmailAccount Will Be Closed

Ulf Rasch u.rasch at seppelec.com
Wed Jun 1 12:51:22 EDT 2005

Marco Colombo wrote:
> Interesting theories. But they seem to backfire on you, since, according
> to Mr. Jeffrey T Eaton <jeaton at cmu.edu> this list _is_ closed:
> "The list is not now, nor ever has been, open-posting.  Posting is
>  restricted to subscribers, or to those users local to cmu.edu"
> Then it must be one of those lists that let you configure your sending
> address, which is good. I must have done that at subscription time, and
> later forgot about it.
> Anyway it doesn't make much a difference, as you can see. Open or close
> is just a policy. If you think of it as an anti spam measure, it doesn't
> work. Sometimes, even advanced measures fail.
> Anyway, given that the list is restricted, there's no point in
> discussing...
> .TM.

Well, if this list is closed then maybe the subscriber with the address:

XXXXXXXX at andrew.cmu.edu
XXXX at andrew.cmu.edu

could be dropped from the list.

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