Saslauthd with ldaps

Paul van der Vlis paul at
Wed Jun 1 11:25:59 EDT 2005


I want to authentifate to a Novell NDS from saslauthd on a Debian Sarge

This works fine:
ldapsearch -x -b "cn=paulvdv,o=wlg" -D "cn=paulvdv,o=wlg"
    -w secret -H ldaps://

This is my saslauthd.conf:
ldap_servers: ldaps://
ldap_tls_cert: /home/paul/.cert/cacert.pem
ldap_tls_key: /home/paul/.cert/privkey.pem
ldap_search_base: cn=paulvdv,o=wlg
ldap_filter: cn=%u,o=wlg

In this test-situation, everybody can read the files in
/home/paul/.cert. In .ldaprc I use the same files:
TLS_CERT /home/paul/.cert/cacert.pem
TLS_KEY /home/paul/.cert/privkey.pem

I use ldap as mechanism for saslauthd.

The authentification with saslauthd does not work:
vlis:/home/paul# testsaslauthd -u paulvdv -p secret
0: NO "authentication failed"

Can somebody help me?

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.
Groningen, Netherlands.

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