Does Proxy User Work?

Tim Pushor timp at
Wed Jun 1 16:18:38 EDT 2005

How about backing up the ldap directory, resetting the passwords to a 
known (to you) password, do the transition, and restore the directory?

If thats not possible, how about setting up a new temporary directory 
with your user accounts and the known password, temporarily point cyrus 
to it until after the transition, then point it back?


John C. Amodeo wrote:

> I've been researching a way to proxy as another user for 2 days 
> without luck.  It seems that Cyrus/SASL has the ability to take a 
> proxy command, but I cannot find any feasible application of it.  I 
> need help.
> Here's the situation:
> I need to migrate 4 legacy Cyrus 2.0.17 servers to a new Cyrus 2.1.15 
> server.  For multiple reasons, I would rather perform the migration 
> via imap using a sync utility like imapsync (or the equivalent) rather 
> than trying to merge the 4 servers through a manual upgrade / 
> reconstruct.
> I need to be able to "login" as a normal user, say Bob Smith, as the 
> Cyrus superuser using Cyrus's credentials.  If not, it will be a 
> nightmare (and a bad practice) to collect my user's id's and passwords 
> to run the conversion...  I would love to work in batch mode where I 
> would only need to supply userid (of the user) and then the cyrus 
> super account credentials (or equivalent...)
> I'm reading all over the place about the difference between authcid 
> and authzid, proxyservers: cyrus, etc. etc. but can't find any true 
> application for how this might work in real life.  I've tried every 
> manageable combination of command line arguments with imtest to no 
> avail...
> Both my 2.0.16 boxes and my 2.1.15 box authenticate against a central 
> LDAP directory using sasl_mech_list: PLAIN.
> Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  I really want to avoid 
> hacking the SASL code to take a "master" password for any user.
> Thanks in advance.
> -John
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