Still cannot login :(

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Logging usually goes to /var/log/maillog

(or whatever is defined in /etc/syslog.conf for mail ) 


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Still cannot login :(

Hello All,
 I have been able to setup cyrus on our Redhat Linux 3 ES server. And
all services seem to be running, but I am not able to login to the
IMAP server, and hence manage mail boxes. I cannot find any logs
indicating any problems either.

I have used the documentation by Luc de Louw listed here

to integrate cyrus with postfix using mysql as the backend server.

My question is 

Where can I find cyrus logs to figure out what is going wrong, can
anyone suggest  a way how I can trouble shoot this issue. I have been
trying for more then a week to get this working but even after
multiple installs have not been able to get this working even once.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks a lot.


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