torture continues! Another install error with cyrus imap

Marco Colombo marco at
Tue Jun 7 11:42:17 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 15:32 +0100, Imran Aziz wrote:
> Hello Marco I am going to adopt and try your suggestion. Going to
> built everything again with a separate version of Berkeley DB at a
> location like
> /usr/local/db4.2
> and compile and link with the libraries in that specific folder. I am
> useing 4.2 version because postfix docs say that latest version of
> Berkeley DB is not supported or has problems so going to use an older
> version.

I don't get it... Are you compiling postfix as well?

Please tell us what CPU the system is running on. Any modern system
should not have any NPTL related problems...

Anyway, I think you have to decide if:

- you consider the system db4 broken on that host, then best thing to do
is to replace the system one. On the thread you read on bugzilla,
someone posted links to rpms that will replace entirely your db4. Remove
the old rpms and install the ones without NPTL. That may break other
applications, but we're assuming db4 is broken, aren't we? So _any_
application that uses it may break any time.

- or you consider the system db4 broken _for cyrus only_, then rebuild
only cyrus with the new db4 and let the rest of the system work with the
old one.

If you see no problems on the standard postfix with the standard db4,
keep using those. I think postfix and cyrus may run at the same time
each with its own version of db4. All you have to do is to tell cyrus to
use the one in /usr/local.

In the end of all this, I'd say that using a distribution that supports
your hardware may be easier of course. B-)

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