torture continues! Another install error with cyrus imap

Lars Kristiansen lars+lister.cyrus at
Tue Jun 7 09:30:24 EDT 2005

> Hello Marco,
> Thanks a lot for sending a detailed email. The main reason that I am not
using an RPM is because I have Red Hat Linux 3 ES which
> unfortunately does not comes with Cyrus RPMS. That answers the first
question of why I am doing this. Second I need to use postfix to
integrate with cyrus imap so I have to configure everything with PAM for
authentication , reasons being that I am going to use
> Opengroupware to use Cyrus IMAP.
Do you know of this option:

Simon Matters excellent RPMS available at:

download the source rpm, then run:
rpmbuild --rebuild --target i686  cyrus-imapd-*.src.rpm

Do not know if it will solve your problem,
 but maybe you want to try rpm rebuild.

Hilsen from Lars

> Now the second issue is with the version of Berkely database on my
system. I already have the RPM 4.1.25 installed on my system and I
cannot uninstall it because it has dependencies on the system. So I
tried to use ver 4.3.8 but had all sorts of issues with it. ON
> compiling with already installed RPM 4.1.25 I get errors related to the
post here
> which is the latest situation.
> So I cannot use the installed version of RPM on the system because it
will not work as redhat themselves state in the above post.
> And accordingly to my little knowledge of linux if I try to upgrade this
RPM I am not sure if the other dependent packages like Apache will
crash, so now I don't know what to do. The issue surly is
> Berkeley DB now, but should I try to install and upgrade on the
> current RPM or should I install a second version of Berkley DB on an
alternate location and try to compile everything with it.
> Any suggestions please, before I go into the daily drill of compiling
all cyrus imapd dependencies.
> Imran
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