Please help: Can auth but can't select

Nick Fisher brit_fish at
Tue Jun 7 14:06:35 EDT 2005

My Cyrus imapd installation suddenly slowed to a crawl
and stopped yesterday. As of now I can authenticate
(very quick and responsive) but I cannot do anything
after that. Very occasionally I can do a select and
retrieve a message but it take a *VERY* LONG time. I
have tested this with multiple clients and it's
without a doubt a server problem.
This is totally out of character for my Cyrus install,
it's always been very fast and stable. Nothing much
has changed on the server recently. Yesterday when
this problem started I had a problem with a bunch of
unkillable processes (mostly rsync). I ended up having
to power cycle the machine and everything is back to
normal except Cyrus.
I have combed through the Cyrus logs but I can't find
any errors, Cyrus appears to be perfectly happy.

I am running Cyrus 2.2.12 on a gentoo system.
I have no idea where to start troubleshooting this
problem, mostly because I can’t figure out what it is.
Any advice, pointers or links would be most
appreciated. If there are any logs or additional
information that would help, I’m happy to supply them.

Many thanks....


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