backup without stopping the imap server?

Jim Miller jimm at
Mon Jun 13 09:59:18 EDT 2005

> We do this all the time.  I don't bother trying to make a point in time
> backup.  In the event of a disaster recovery, I plan to restore the
> databases from the dumps which occur every 30 mins on my machine.
> Individual mailbox restores work fine since you don't need to restore the
> databases in that case.  We just restore the mailbox (creating it if
> necessary using cyradm) and run reconstruct afterwards to pick up the
> changes.
>  	Andy

Hi Andy,

What tool are you using to do your dumps every 30 min?

I too am currious about 'just' recovering from an "inconsistent" database
and not having to shutdown the imap server to get a good backup every
night -- I'd like to use a dump too to get more frequent backups than 1x a


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