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There is actually a way to do this, but it can take some work to get set up
right.  Bynari Software ( makes a product, the Bynari
Insight Connector, which will let Outlook connect to an IMAP server.  I've
used it on my home network to move my PST mail to my IMAP server.  It can
take some tweaking of the IMAP configuration to get it working right though.
The cost for personal use is not that bad, but I don't remember what the
pricing is for commercial users.  

They also sell a complete server environment that is based on Cyrus IMAP and
some other tools.  

Hope this helps.


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Am Fr, den 10.06.2005 schrieb Giovanni Mellini um 15:26:

> I need to import many mailboxes in Exchange pst format.
> I'm looking for a tool that can do this work.
> Did someone knows?

> Giovanni

That will only cause you pain. Better use imapsync (IMAP <-> IMAP) to
migrate the existing mails.


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