Unified mupdate status in Cyrus 2.3

Christos Soulios soulbros at noc.uoa.gr
Tue Jun 14 11:07:07 EDT 2005

Hi all,
   currently I am trying to setup a Cyrus 2.3 testing environment using
the unified mupdate architecture. Since documentation on unified
mupdate is very scarce both in cyrus lists and cyrus documentation, I
would like to ask the following :

 - What is the status of the code for unified murder in Cyrus 2.3? (I
suspect this can be best answered by the cyrus developers)
 - Is there anyone who managed to set it up and has some testing results
regarding stability?
 - Are there any sample imapd.conf and cyrus.conf files or some config
options that need extra attention before setting it up?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Did you visit http://email.uoa.gr?

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