Disk thrashing after upgrade?

Grossman, Allan (J6B) Allan.Grossman at dla.mil
Thu Jun 16 09:48:49 EDT 2005

Hi -

I recently upgraded my shiny new Fedora Core 4 installation of
cyrus-imapd to v2.2.12 from 2.1.x using RPMs in the Fedora extras
repository, which promptly killed a running version of cyrus.

What I do know is that apparently the old berkeley-style mailboxes were
successfully converted but when I start cyrus-imapd I get horrendous
disk thrashing but not a lot of processor or memory use - on this dual
processor box I don't think cyrus is using more than 3-4% processor
resources but disk activity is through the roof unless I kill
cyrus-imapd.  Mail server is sendmail and I don't think this box
processes more than 200 messages a day.

imap connections timeout - I haven't successfully connected to my mail
server since the upgrade.  I think this is probably something fairly
simple but I can't seem to figure it out.



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