Disk thrashing after upgrade?

Grossman, Allan (J6B) Allan.Grossman at dla.mil
Fri Jun 17 06:36:30 EDT 2005

Thank you, Simon - that fixed it.  I do feel a little foolish not
checking Bugzilla myself after banging my head against the wall in
various newsgoups and discussion forums but sendmail is no longer
constipated  ;=)

cheers -

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> Hi -
> I recently upgraded my shiny new Fedora Core 4 installation of 
> cyrus-imapd to v2.2.12 from 2.1.x using RPMs in the Fedora extras 
> repository, which promptly killed a running version of cyrus.

There are issues when upgrading Fedora Core 3 -> 4 because of the
upgrade of BDB from 4.2 -> 4.3. Have a look at this bugzilla entry for

I don't know whether you are affected by the same or at least part of
the problem but you may try the solution I posted there - after taking a
backup of your /var/lib/imap directory, please!
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