deleteaclmailbox: group:<group> fails

Josh Whitver whitverj at
Fri Jun 24 13:45:54 EDT 2005

"Simon Matter" <simon.matter at> on Friday, June 24, 2005 at 5:21
AM -0600 wrote:
>I can think of, with every ACL operation except remove, it's okay to check
>whether an identifier really exists. But for remove, it should be possible
>to remove an ACL even if the identifier has been removed before.
>Anyone out there to help?

What's odd is that it let me create an ACL specifying a non-existent group in
the first place.

I mean, why would it only check to be sure the group exists on an ACL delete
operation, not an ACL create?  The whole reason I'm in this jam is because I
messed up making the ACLs and typed a group name that didn't exist.
Josh Whitver
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