Authenticating virtual domain users with saslauthd

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Thu Jun 23 11:09:42 EDT 2005


I would like to authenticate virtual domain users using saslauthd.  I
want the possibility to have the same username in more than one domain
(ie etienne at and etienne at  I will probably use LDAP
as authentication backend, but this remain to be decided.

Right now, for testing, I have saslauthd configured for PAM with shadow.
 I have a user etienne, and login is successful for any combination of
etienne at domain.  I suppose saslauthd strip the @domain part, which would
break my setup when authenticating user from different domain with the
same "username" (part before the @).

If I use LDAP, my users would be in different OU.  Ideally, I could tell
saslauthd to authenticate users from in, etc.
 Is this possible somehow ?

Peripheric question : which syslog facility do saslauthd is logging to,
and at what level for authentication success ?

Thanks for your input.  Please ask for clarification if I am not clear

Etienne Goyer
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